ProLogMDB looks like it was developed in FileMaker Pro. Is a license of FileMaker Pro required?
Good eye!  Yes, ProLogMDB is a FileMaker Pro-based suite of applications. However, as ProLogMDB is supplied as runtime applications, no additional FileMaker Pro client or server software is required.

Why does ProLogMDB prompt me for my first and last name when the application launches?
The name that is entered is used to associate newly-created Story Notes(ProLog-Field), Log Items (ProLog-Logging) and Producer Notes (ProLog-Producer) with a particular user.

Can the Current User name be changed without restarting the app?
Yes! From the Actions drop menu, select “Update User Name”.

Does the ProLog server volume need to be mounted to use ProLog-Producer?
No! This is one of ProLog’s most significant features. ProLog employs a server-less design that places the entire database on the client computer…and if space permits, the associated movie files may be copied as well.

Can transcriptions created in other applications be used in ProLogMDB?
Yes! ProLog-Logging includes a spreadsheet template to organize transcriptions created outside of the ProLogMDB suite.

Can full-resolution media be used for logging?
Yes. However, for best overall performance – especially in MultiView – proxy clips yield the best results.

Some of the data in a ProLog file needs to be corrected. How is that done?
Editing a previously-exported ProLogMDB file is very straightforward, and involves importing the file into the ProLog-Logging application, making the corrections, and re-exporting the file, overwriting the original. Once the revised file is back on the server, click the Update button within ProLog-Producer to update the client database.

How can I remove an entire transcription from the database?
Remove the ProLog file from the “ProLog-Logs” folder on the server. Then click the Update button within ProLog-Producer to update the client database.

Can the spacebar be used to start/stop the playback of a movie file?
The spacebar is reserved for adding spaces within a string of text.

Does ProLogMDB support the use of J-K-L keys to control the playback of a movie file?
The J, K, and L keys are reserved for text entry. If desired, the default keyboard mapping can be modified for <cmd>J, <cmd>K, and <cmd>L.

Does ProLogMDB support QuickTime 7 on Macintosh?
ProLogMDB is specifically designed to work with QuickTime Player X.

The proxy movie files used for logging were created with visual timecode. When clicking on a Log Item, the corresponding movie cues incorrectly, based on the visual timecode. Why?
ProLog uses the movie's timecode track. The movie was likely created with an incorrect timecode setting and/or incorrect timecode start value. Important: The timecode of proxy movie files must match the original source timecode!

Can ProLog-Producer perform a database update when the client and server are not on the same physical network (e.g: When traveling with a laptop)?
A VPN is one way. As long as the ProLog server volume appears as a mount in the Macintosh /volumes directory, you're good to go. 

If the above is not possible, newly-exported files from ProLog-Logging may be sent via email and manually Imported into ProLog-Producer.

When clicking on a Log Item, an error appears that says ProLog was unable to locate the movie file. The setting for “Path to ProLog MoviesFolder” is set properly and the volume is mounted. What causes this?
This is often caused by a slow connection between the client computer and the server volume. Try the following:

  1. Ensure that all movie files associated with the ProLog database are together in a single folder.
  2. If using a wireless network connection, switch to a hard-wired connection to the server volume, if possible.
  3. Unmount and remount the server volume.
  4. Using the Mac Finder, navigate to the ProLog Movies Folder on the server volume and wait until the list of movie files populates.

Can ProLog-Producer be used for Multiple Productions?
Currently, a single instance of ProLog-Producer is limited to a single production.

When performing a search for Highlighted Logs, some of the results do not have Highlights. Why?
This can happen if the Log Item had a highlight at one time. To completely clear any remnants of a highlight:

  1. Select the Log Item from the search results area (which loads it in the Inspector)
  2. With no selection made in the Inspector text field, click the eraser icon
  3. Click Yes

The incorrect User Name was used for a Producer Note. Can this be updated?
Changing the name associated with a Producer Note is not currently supported.