ProLog-Field is an application tailored to the real time creation of Story Notes in the field. A single button click or keystroke combination creates a new entry, with metadata fields for:

  • Date
  • Episode
  • Camera(s)
  • Type (OTF, Reality, B-Roll, etc) 
  • Location
  • Subject (Who or what is in the scene) 
  • Timestamp (automatically generated when the Story Note is created) 
  • Scene Description (The Story Note) 


When  complete, Story Notes are then exported as a ProLog Story Notes file, to be imported to ProLog-Logging. 

ProLog-Field may also be used to create Story Notes "offline" from notes gathered throughout a shoot day.

Coming soon: Story Note import from an Excel® template. 

ProLog-Field is currently being offered free of charge! Just visit the ProLog MDB Download page.