Version 3.0 just released!

ProLog-Logging is an application tailored to the creation of transcriptions, along with extensive metadata, such as Date, Timecode, Subject, Location, Framing, Shot Type, Weather, and more. ProLog-Logging automatically links the transcriptions ("Log Items", in ProLogMDB terms) with the movie files. 

ProLog-Logging then goes a step further by linking Story Notes (often referred to as "Hot Sheets") with the transcriptions. When it all comes together in ProLog-Producer the result is an extremely flexible and powerful system to locate exactly what you're looking for.

ProLog-Logging includes a wealth of tools for making the transcription process as easy, fast, and consistent as possible, including: 

  • Automatic capture of Reel, Clip, Timecode, and Thumbnail data for each Log Item
  • For multi-camera productions, Gang Roll up to 4 movie files simultaneously
  • 3-button USB foot pedal interface (optional), for fast, hands-free control of movie files
  • Value Lists for most metadata fields ensures consistency
  • Cast Display for confirming the identities of people (or places or things) in a scene
  • Spellcheck with customizable dictionary
  • Flexible import/export formats, including Microsoft Excel® and Word® (not supplied)

Comprehensive Metadata

Independent metadata for each Log Item (transcription segment), including Value Lists for frequently-used terms. Value Lists may be shared with other ProLog-Logging users.


No more waiting for “syncing and grouping” in an edit application. Define sync groups and Gang Roll up to 4 movie files from within ProLog-Logging…even clips with different frame rates! ProLog-Logging maintains sync and automatically captures timecode and Reel/Clip data from all. You can even share Multiview groups with others.


Displays transcriptions and metadata in a familiar script-like layout.
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Displays transcriptions as a continuous scrolling page of text.

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Hot Keys

Retrieve frequently-used text strings with a single mouse click, keystroke, or foot pedal action.  Format the entries to automatically add line breaks and current timecode.

Hot Keys may be shared with other ProLog-Logging users.

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Transcriber Comments

Add comments to a transcription, separate from the transcription itself.  Comments flow through to ProLog-Producer, where you can even perform a Comments-based database search.

3-Button USB Foot Pedal


Add the optional Infinity IN-USB-2 foot pedal for hands free control of movie files, hot keys, and more. The function of the three pedal buttons are fully customizable from within ProLog.

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