Version 3.0 just released!

ProLog-Producer is an application tailored to the workflow of a Producer, Associate Producer, Director, or Editor...anyone who needs to review a show's assets.

Instead of mountains of printed transcriptions or folders full of text documents to sort through, ProLog-Producer provides the post production team a fast, intuitive means of finding, reviewing, and organizing exactly what is needed.

Perhaps you want to find a sound bite of an actor when he says “This is unbelievable!”.  Without ProLog-Producer, you’d probably be faced with an arduous and time-consuming search through binders full of transcriptions or individual text documents to locate the bite, and then hope that the corresponding shot was usable….because you couldn’t see it without first manually locating and cueing the movie file!

Using ProLog-Producer, a simple database search reveals every instance of the actor saying “This is unbelievable”, and a single mouse click opens and cues the proxy movie file(s) for instant review.

ProLog-Producer includes a wealth of tools for locating and managing transcriptions:

• Unique "server-less" design places all transcriptions on the user's computer
• Search by any combination of metadata
• Create custom Groups of Log Items (such as B-Roll, Scenics, Comedy, etc.)
• Create custom Bins of Log Items with Timecode In/Out marks
• Highlight transcription segments, with the ability to search the database for highlighted text!
• Gang Roll up to 4 movie files in MultiView Mode...see every angle at once!
• 3-button USB foot pedal interface (optional), for fast, hands-free control of movie files 
• Flexible import/export formats, including Microsoft Excel® and Word® (not supplied)

Download ProLog-Producer and try it for free for 15 days!